Letter Locker Super-Stainless Steel

Letter Locker Super-Stainless Steel
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Super Letter Locker - Stainless Steel

The Super Letter Locker® has been built using a rotating hopper door, a new design to keep unwanted hands and/or objects from accessing your private mail. We’ve even added an Anti-fish security feature with comb-like “teeth” that prevents mail from being “fished” out of the box with string or tape. With a large incoming slot, this box accepts large envelopes and small packages- perfect for mailed prescription drugs. An outgoing mail pocket is conveniently placed on the backside of the top door. Recipients access mail using a retrieval door located in front of the box.  Like all our products, the Super Letter Locker is Made in the U.S.A.

No colors available, enjoy beauty of Stainless Steel.

Standard Features:

    Made of 14Gauge Stainless Steel
    10-1/2″W x 4-1/2″H incoming mail drop
    10″W x 2″H outgoing mail pocket
    Rotating hopper door with anti-fish security feature
    Level 1 Security: 5-pin lock with stainless steel “hook” cam
    Front recipient access
    Stainless steel red notification flag
    Weather resistant powder coat finish
    Conditional Lifetime Warranty
    Posts sold separately

Optional Features:

    Also available in Heavy Duty Steel, Aluminum or Stainless Steel
    Three lock options available: Upgrade to the Claw Locking Mechanism
     Rear recipient access
Specifications: 12-1/16"W x 24"H x 20"D

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Price $1,750.00

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