Mailbox Care

Mailbox Care and Cleaning

Many installations expose the mailbox to road salt from ice/snow removal. Installation near the ocean exposes the mailbox to constant salt air. Auto exhaust from installation near busy roadways is corrosive. Painted carbon steel items require a minimum amount of maintenance, such as periodic cleaning on a regular basis with gloss paint finishes a UV resistant car wax is highly recommended and lock lubrication two or three times per year.These simple steps can keep your mailbox looking like new for many years into the future.

Care and Cleaning Instructions

The frequency of maintenance varies based on where you live and based on how well your mailbox is protected from weather and sun. Products in harsh weather climates require more frequent care. Generally, if your premium mailbox begins to look dirty or weathered, it’s time to clean it according to the following instructions.

Cleaning powder coated (painted) surfaces:
Rinse surfaces with clean, warm water to remove dirt. Gently clean surfaces with mild soap and water. To remove tough stains or to help restore the original finish, use an automotive wax or a light lubricant such as WD40.

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