Postal Arrow Box-Stainless Steel

Postal Arrow Box-Stainless Steel
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Arrow Custom Commercial Boxes are designed for businesses that receive large amounts of mail, but don't require the larger Collection boxes.

The Arrow Box is constructed of Stainless steel and comes with two doors - one on each side of the box.  The front door comes prepped for a USPS universal lock and is where the USPS accesses secured mail for pick-ups and deliveries.  The rear door includes a 5-pin "hook" cam lock and is where the mail recipients access their mail. 

Standard Features:
    Constructed of Stainless steel
    Finished with durable powder coating - five colors to choose from
    Available in rear access only
    Includes red notification flag
    Also available in Heavy Duty 10 gauge steel,  Steel and .080 thick Aluminum
    Box requires 36" Surface Mount Post or 60" In-Ground Post for installation

This box is not USPS Approved.

Optional Features:
    Also available in Heavy Duty Steel, Aluminum or Steel
    Three lock options to choose from: upgrade to the Claw Locking Mechanism

Approximately shipping time quote 15 business days.   

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Price $1,650.00

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